2018-05-24 16:00

Sound from the past

A Concert of Choral Works

At 16:00 on May 24, 2018/ Thursday

CCOM Prince Mansion Concert Hall

Youth Choir of the Middle School Affiliated to Institute of Music Education of CCOM

LIN Songtao, conductor

JIN Gang, piano

That time Lyric by JING Jing


1. GUO Xiaohu, recompose

Hill Shadowed By The Moisture  adapted from‘Xintianyou’a traditional melody in the North of Shanxi Province

2. HUANG Bai(1939- ), 

recompose Yang liu qing  adapted from traditional folk song in the North of Jiangsu Province

3. ZHANG Zheng(1978- ),

 compose  That time ------ A song for the youth



The German Youth Chamber Choir

Florian Benfer, conductor

HE Yupeng, piano

Zhao Yue, timpani


4. Eli Tausen á Lava(1997- ),

compose Freya Syngur

5. Artur Zobnin(1988- ),

compose   Obviousnes

6. Chang yingzhong(1957- ), 

compose    Himalaya



Choir of Institute of Music Education (Central Conservatory of Music)

HE Xiaole, conductor


7. Eric Whitacre(1970- ), 

compose    Five Hebrew Love Songs  for string quartet and choir

ZHANG Jingye, violin I

LI Da, violin II

XU Meng, viola

SUN Yi, cello

The German Youth Chamber Choir

Florian Benfer, conductor


8. Vaclovas Augustinas(1959- ), 

compose   Hymne à Saint Martin

9. Wolfram Buchenberg(1962- ), 

compose   Als vil in gote, als vil in vride.

10. Emil Råberg(1985- ), 

compose         The Tyger

11. Knut Nystedt(1915-2014) , 

compose    Immortal Bach

12. Jaakko Mäntyjärvi(1963- ), 

compose   Die Stimme des Kindes


The German Youth Chamber Choir & Choir of Institute of Music Education( Central Conservatory of Music)

He Xiaole, conductor

13. ZHANG Zheng(1978- ),

 compose    Sound from the past

 LI Zixi, Tang Drum


German National Youth Choir

The German National Youth Choir (djkc) is a select national ensemble of highly talented and ambitious choir singers. Since its creation in 1999, the ensemble has given young musicians between the age of 16 and 27 the opportunity to work on demanding choral music at the highest artistic level as well as be- come acquainted with a wide range of repertoire. The project-related professional work attracts gifted young singers to come together in their free time for work phases at different locations six to eight weekends each year. The intensive work with the choir enables the ensemble to develop its own choral sound that is characterized by pure intonation, uniformity and a high sense of transparency. Through their collaboration with professional ensembles and their choir directors, as well as composers, music publishers, music archives and conservatoires, they are continuously expanding their horizons. At the beginning of 2016, an artistic and educational board of trustees was established, comprised of renowned actors of German choral scene. This advisory board, currently consisting of Frieder Bernius, Simon Hal- sey, Jan Schumacher, Folkert Uhde, Cornelia Bend and Volker Hempfling supports and advises the en- semble in its work. The German National Youth Choir has received numerous awards and was selected in June 2016 as the first vocal ensemble to have the privilege of being a partner of the German Music Council.

Florian Benfers

Versatility and curiosity for music of all ages distinguishes Florian Benfers work as a conductor, singer and organist. He is artistic director of the German National Youth Choir, the Stockholm Chamber Choir and of the young and international ARTON Ensemble, which he founded in 2008. After studying church music, choral and orchestral conducting in Leipzig, Stockholm and The Hague he gained operatic experi- ence as choir director at the Royal Swedish Opera and as musical director in productions of Stockholm Folkoperan. Since 2011 he has established a close partnership with the Swedish Radio Choir and the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. In addition to receiving the Gustaf Sjökvist Prize for young choral conductors and the Fellowship of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, he was awarded the “Eric Ericson Resestipendi- um” in 2012. In 2016 he received the Swedish “Norrby Medal” in recognition of his work as a choral con- ductor and for his services to Swedish choral music. Numerous recordings for the German, Swedish and Finnish broadcasting services document his work.


Choir of Institute of Music Education (Central Conservatory of Music)

 Composed of the outstanding students from the Central Conservatory of Music’s Institute of Music Education since 2001, the choir is the only choir in China rigorously trained using the Kodaly Pedagogy, built up by Hungarian expert Sziranyi Borbala in 2001. The choir is based on Chinese folk music and culture, utilizing a special singing style, abundant expressive force, excellent musicality, and a pure timbre. The choir is one of the best chamber choirs in China and its recordings are widely acclaimed. In addition, it developed the new system of music education in Chinese schools.

In the last 10 years, the choir has performed several concerts, and took part in many important musical events, including the Gaoya Yishu “entering into school” series of concerts, the ninth Chinese Arts Festival (winning “Special Wenhua” Prize in May of 2010), as well as the closing ceremony concert of China Philharmonic Orchestra music season (singing Fauré's “Requiem” in June of 2010). The choir also trained and performed with 18 district choirs and performed with during the “Shanghai Expo” and performed in Italy's “Chinese culture year” concert (in October of 2010). The choir has performed Symphony No.8 "Symphony of A Thousand" by Mahler on the opening of the 14th Beijing International Music Festival. The choir has been invited by Bachfest Leipzig to perform concerts on the Leipzig market and St. Thomas Church in 2015 June. The Choir has been invited to perform on opening concert of  Knechtsteden Alte musik Festival.

The choir has performed with Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra, China National Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Zurich Chamber Orchestra and boy’s choir, Norwegian Chorus, German Orff Choir, The Gewandhaus Choir and Italian Santa Cecilia choir. The choir performed with world famous conductor: Charles Dutoit, Robert Chan, Thomas Kramer,  Hermann Max. Zheng xiaoying, Muhai Tang, Yu Long, Yu Feng, Johnny Poon, Hu yongyan, Peter Erdei, Katalin Kiss and others.



Youth Choir of the Middle School Affiliated to Institute of Music Education of CCOM 

The choir is constituted by students from eighth grade to senior two grade of Institute of Music Education of CCOM. The major music education in the middle school Affiliated to CCOM was established in 2010, all the major courses of music education are undertook by the instructors of the Institute of Music Education of CCOM, with the purpose of transport new blood for “Chinese high quality music education for regular school’s New System”, which was founded by Institute of Music Education. The chorus class, based on “New System music education for regular school”, is compulsory course for the students, two times per week, advance the students’ experience progressively of joint expression of music emotion and classic choral songs.




GUO Xiaohu

GUO Xiaohu, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Composition Department of Central Conservatory of Music, is currently the director of Teaching and Research Section of Orchestration. Since starting his teaching career, Mr. GUO has won many awards granted by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, such as Outstanding Young Teachers of Institutions of Higher Education, and Outstanding Teachers of Institutions of Higher Education of Beijing.

Professor GUO graduated from Central Conservatory of Music and was sent to Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid by Ministry of Culture for further study of composition while teaching at Central Conservatory of Music. He was also elected as a judge of Specialized Committee of China National Arts Fund, a judge of AFRAS musical recording works, an expert of SAPPRFT Committee for the Examination of Imported Audiovisual Products, and an expert member of Urban Music Creation Alliance.

His works cover a wide range of fields, varying from orchestral music, chamber music, light music to pop music.

Artur Zobnin bio.jpg

Artur Zobnin 

Artur Zobnin was born on December 27, 1988 in Leningrad. In September 2009, Zobnin attended St. Petersburg State Conservatory, where he studied violin under the professor Ilya Ioff and composition with professor Gennady Banshchikov. Artist & director of MolOt-ensemble (St. Petersburg). Member of International MolOt-group of Russian musical Union. Head of St. Petersburg Youth department of Composer’s Union.

He has participated as a soloist and composer in various St. Petersburg festivals and projects: Saint Petersburg International New Music Festival “reMusik”, From avant-garde to our days, Young composers of Saint Petersburg, Sound Ways, Art’s square etc.

He was the participant of the International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city (2014 and 2015) with composers Francesco FilideiPhilippe LerouxBeat FurrerRaphaël Cendo and Peter Ablinger. Artur Zobnin has been the winner of various violin competitions and scholarship awards including “Talented Youth of Russia”. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Union Composers MolOt.

The works performed by Yaroslavl Philharmonic Orchestra, Natalia Pschenitschnikova (voice, Russia/Germany), Ensemble Vortex (Switzerland), Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Estonia), Festino Chamber Choir (Russia), Sound Ways Ensemble (Russia), MolOt Ensemble (Russia), In corpore quartet (Russia), Cantando quartet (Russia).

In 2017 Zobnin got a St. Petersburg Government award for young artists.

Artur produced “Music anthology of  Young Russian composers” project (2017, Fancy music). 3 albums include music for ensemble, chamber choir, violin solo.

Curator of International Master Courses for Young Composers in St. Petersburg.



Chang Ying Zhong is a composer and a Professor in Composition at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association’s. He studied composition under the tutelage of professor YAO Yirang and professor GAO Weijie at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1980’s.


He won many prizes including the prestigious China Broadcasting Award, The Best Work Award(the ‘five-one project award’) , Silver Medal at the ‘Golden Bell’ Award for Chinese Compositions, Third Prize at the First Jean Sibelius Composition Competition, Entry of International Composition Competition of 21st Century held by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.


 His works had been successively performed in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Austria ,Canada and many other countries and regions and his  individual album


Professor Chang Ying Zhong is a composer with a distinctive and individualistic voice. His music often reflects his Tibetan upbringing as well as the rich folklore of the Aba area in Sichuan Province.  Besides being a prolific composer, he is also an experienced educator. Many of his students won international and domestic awards, and are active in international contemporary music scene.  



Eli Tausen á Lava

Eli Tausen á Lava, born in Tórshavn on the 3rd of March 1997, is a Faroese composer based in Tórshavn.


Born into a musical family, Eli Tausen á Lava quickly developed an interest in all kinds of music. At the age of 8, he started attending viola lessons at the Tórshavn Music School; and at the age of 14 he taught himself to play the piano, which he later attended lessons for as well.


Though his interests were originally more in the realm of popular music, he started developing an interest in classical music at the age of 15. He started composing soon after.


Today, at the age of 20, Eli Tausen á Lava studies composition at the Tórshavn Music School. His teacher and mentor is the renowned and award-winning Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen.


Zheng Zhang

Zheng Zhang is the associate professor and the vice president of the Faculty of Music Education of Central Conservatory of Music, a postgraduate supervisor and a contemporary young composer. Zhang was the chief editor for Piano Fashion Release published by Central Conservatory of Music and the invited expert for Western Composition Theory Training Course hosted by Chinese Ministry of Culture. Professor Zhang specializes and teaches in Harmony, the Orchestration of Small-scale Band, and the Piano Keyboard Harmony & Improvisational Accompaniment. Professor Zhang’s representative works include: Xian-dong-yu-jue, a chamber music; Qi-pao, for Pi-pa; Jian-zhen-dong-du, a symphonic choir; Lu-shui-hong-yan, movie music; Zhong-guo-yuan-zheng-jun, a TV series music; and Be There, Shou-wang, Feng-yu Qing and Ai-de-xin-yang, songs. 

Chinese Conducter:


LIN Songtao

LIN Songtao, Lecture of the Institute of Music Education (IOME) of Central Conservatory of music (CCOM), instructing the courses “solfeggio and ear training (Chinese Music Culture)”, “Basic Knowledge & Skills of music education” and “Choir Conducting” etc.

Admitted to the bachelor degree of Institute of Music Education (IOME) of Central Conservatory of music (CCOM) in 2004, name was listed as a visiting scholar in Koldaly institute of Liszt Academy in Hungary 2008, recommended as the highest score for admission to the master degree candidate of IOME in 2009, studied with Professor GAO Jianjin. Acquired “national scholarship” for twice and many other scholarships during university.



Baritone and Choir conductor, he was born in Xi’an, the ancient capital of China. Being brought up in a musical family with strong Chinese folk music traditions. Since 2008, He Xiaole is a Lecturer of the Institute of Music Education (IOME) of Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), where he teaches Voice Training and Choir. He is the director of the Concert Choir of IOME, He got his bachelor and master Degree in CCOM, and he got the National scholarship to be a visiting scholar in Kodaly institute of Liszt Academy in Hungary 2010. His was doing vocal pedagogy research with Dr. János Klézli and studied Choir conducting with head of the Kodaly institute Dr. László Norbert Nemes at same time. He is the Lecturer of National Training program—School music education according to “New System”. Besides teaching, he also leads the Choir of IOME to take part in important music festivals and performances, such as the Bachfest, Beijing International Music Festival, Knechtsteden alte Music Festival in Germany, Shanghai Expo. He performed the Chinese Oratorio “A Song of Everlasting Sorrow” as a soloist with Macao youth orchestra. He was invited by Tianjin Philharmonic Orchestra to perform Mozart’s “Requiem” as a soloist, conducted by Zheng Xiaoying. He was invited to perform at the opening concert in 26th Knechtsteden alte Music Festival as a conductor.


Jingye Zhang

Jingye Zhang is one of the most distinguished Chinese young violin performers and chamber musicians. Jingye is the Violin Faculty member of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing, China, Guest Faculty member of the Queens College, City University of New York and the Director of Beijing Modern Music Festival. He was mentored by Professor LIN Yaoji, Professor WANG Guan, Professor LI Xiangyang, Professor LIN Chaoyang and Professor Daniel Phillips.

Jingye has performed throughout the Europe, North America, Asia and many other countries and regions. He successfully played concerts in famous performing venues such as the Carnegie Hall in New York, U.S.A., the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China and the Suntory Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Not only Jingye participates in but he has also established various chambers groups with different styles, including DNA Trio, Yun Ensemble, Shan Quartet, National Centre for the Performing Arts Octet and the Beijing Duo established in New York, the U.S.A.  Jingye also performs frequently with various orchestras such as Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, Xi'an Symphony Orchestra, Baotou Symphony Orchestra, Cross-Strait Symphony Orchestra and PMF Symphony Orchestra for performing symphonic works.

Jingye proactively supports modern music, collaborates with avant-garde musicians, including international composers Samuel Adler, John Corigliano, John Milton Cage, Ye Xiaogang, Guo Wenjing and Tan Dun and premiere their new works.

Jingye plays Italy Violin sponsored by the YU Art foundation.

Li Da

Li Da, a young violin teacher at the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) and the chief violinist with the EOS Repertoire Orchestra, is a versatile artist in the performance of solo music, chamber music and symphonic music. in 1992 she entered the Primary School affiliated to CCOM. In 2001, awarded with the highest scholarship, she became an undergraduate at CCOM, mentored by the late Prof. Lin Yaoji, a great master of violin music education. In 2005, graduating cum laude, she entered CCOM Graduate School, with the waiver of the otherwise required entrance examinations. In 2008, she became a violin instructor at CCOM.

Li Da has won of a spate of important awards and prizes in domestic and international competitions. She has given highly successful solo performances at CCOM Concert Hall, Beijing International Art Center, Beijing Concert Hall,China National Center for the Performing Arts, and Tokyo National Theatre in Japan etc. She has been invited to perform on a number of occasions such as CCOM Music Festival, CCOM Chamber Music Festival, Beijing International Modern Music Festival etc.

In 2011, she produced a most successful recording of the 12 Sonatas by Teodorico Pedrini, which has been distributed as important musical literature that bears historical witness to the introduction of the earliest western music into China. This collection possesses tremendous significance not only academically but also historically.

In recent years, Li Da has been committed to the dissemination of the newly-created works by China’s contemporary composers. Over the years, Li Da has also been dedicated to the popularization of classical music in China.And become a leading figure in the new generation of classical music education in China.

Meng Xu

violist, faculty of Viola & Chamber Music department in Central Conservatory of Music.

playing Viola under Professor WANG Shaowu in middle school attached to Central Conservatory of Music, and Central Conservatory of Music. In 2011 she started to study with Prof. Matthias Buchholz in Hoschule für Musik und Tanz Köln Cologne, Germany and later with Ms. Nobuko Imai. In 2013 she finished Master of Music degree of Solo Viola and Chamber Music with perfect score 1.0.


She has participated the Pinkas Zuckermann', Taber Zimmermann', Hariof Schlichtig's Masterclasses.She was also invited  to  Pacific Music Festival in Japan in 2009.She was  invited to Saito-Kinen Music festival for chamber music for Young People in Japan both in 2009 and 2010. In March 2012,she joined in Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra to play the Opera  


entered the Primary School affiliated to CCOM with a high score in 1996 and entered the middle school in 1998, mentored by professor CHEN Yuan.In 2004, with the second high major score, she became an undergraduate at CCOM, mentored by professor ZHU Yibing. She organized the Quartet of CCOM in the same year,mentored by professor SU Zhen.Entered CCOM Graduate School in 2011.

Participated in the Octette organized by professor ZHU Yibing in 2005, and performed on a number of occasions such as Beijing International music Festival,Beijing International Modern Music Festival etc.Meanwhile, she has given highly successful solo performances at  Beijing Concert Hall,Sichuan Conservatory of Music etc.

Entered the Youth symphony orchestra as deputy chief from 2005 to 2007. Entered Brahms Music Fesitval,Beijing International music Festival,Beijing International Modern Music Festival.performed on opening ceremony concert of Golden Bell Awards, and received a great many of compliment.

In 2006, the Quartet was selected to entered Siemens master class, mentored and praised by Tokyo Quartet.Meanwhile cooperated with a great numberr of masters on the stage.

Accomplished the album “The trip of dream”from 2011 to 2015,and performed for Chines former chairman HU and former president Obama of U.S. in Great Hall of the People.

During 2017,she has participated in a tons of record making and film music. Such as “Forever Young”,“battle of Memories”,and the albums of  Lisa One and LI Ronghao etc.


LI Zixi

Studying in graduate school(percussion music) of CCOM, member of Percussion Institute of Chinese Musicians Association, member of specialized committee of China National orchestra association.Judge of the National Specialty“Future Star”and “dandelion”. Filled the post of deputy chief of China national Traditional Orchestra, had a great many experiences of cooperating with famous band all over the world such as National Grand Theatre Orchestra, China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, Beijing Chinese Orchestra etc. Visited a tons of nations or areas, such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russian, France, U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan. During the time, he has gained abundant experience of cooperation and solo, even in education as well.

Zhao Yue 

Zhao Yue began studying percussion at the age of 5. In 2006, she studied with Liu Ying, the chief percussionist of the China Philharmonic Orchestra, and was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music Attachments Primary School and Secondary School Attached to the Central Academy of Music. In 2012, she studied with the Associate Professor Zhang Jingli of the Central Conservatory of Music and joined the China Youth Symphony Orchestra. She has participated in many alumni festivals concerts and has collaborated with several performers such as Lang Lang and Lü Siqing. In 2016, She was the chief of percussion for the China Youth Symphony Orchestra and followed the orchestra's visit to Europe. In 2017, She was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music with honors. During the school, She performed several times with the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, and the Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, She won the first place in the young snare youth group of the 6th China International Percussion Music Competition, and the third was Marinba. The first snare drum of the Hong Kong International Percussion Contest. In 2016, she won third place in the first snare drum group of the IPEA Shanghai International Percussion Contest.


Yupeng He

 Yupeng He,a first-year graduate student at The Institute of Music Education in CCOM. Since she entered the Central Conservatory of Music in 2012, she has won several awards including the Song Qingling Foundation - Gucci (wristwatch and jewel) Music Fund, the Outstanding Student Scholarship, the Exchange Student Scholarship of the National Scholarship Committee, Hungarian Government Scholarship. As a practice teacher, her students have performed on several stages such as the National Grand Theater, the Beijing Zhongshan Music Hall and harvest the honor of "Best Performance”. As a piano accompanist, she has worked with the Choir of the Institute of Music Education regularly and many other vocalists. Besides, she has performed in many concerts held by the Beijing Youth Art Festival, Kodaly Institute at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Hungary etc.. Dr. Orsolya Szabo who is the founder of SZO-SYStem piano pedagogy has appreciated her with “a pianist with a good taste of music”. Nicholas Clapton, a well-known English countertenor, has praised her for “a sensitive pianist that suits accompany for all kinds of vocalists”.

Programe Notes:

Chang yingzhong    Himalaya for three mixed chorus or twelve chorister    

This piece took the spine of the world Himalaya as the theme, carrying forward the magnificence and strength of its heroic spirit as well as exploring the mystery and tenacity of its life miracle. The work has a strong flavor of musical language of the Tibetan ethnic group, interweaving the episode of sound and melody. As chorus, although without the traditional tonal center, the sustainability of single tone material and certain sound resembling a sort of gravitation force run through the entire piece.

The content of the lyric does not possess the continuous description of words and phrase but only separate words which take after the ancient language, such as sun(ni ma), moon (da wa) or the pronunciation of Tibetan letters : ga, ka, a, da, ta, na, scattering into the surroundings of the center Himalaya and symbolizing the meaning of nature and human civilization.

Eli Tausen á Lava(1997- ), compose   Freya Syngur

Freya Syngur (Freyja Sings), which was written in early 2017, is a piece about grief. The music is inspired by the psychological model known as the Kübler-Ross model, or perhaps more commonly the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). The piece is divided

into ten sections, with four of them expressing the first four stages of grief, and the other 6 initially expressing grief itself and finally, in the end, acceptance. The sections are arranged as a kind of rondo. First grief, then denial, then grief again, then anger and so on. Here, grief serves as the

principal theme, which always ends in an imperfect cadence, and the first four stages serve as the episodes. The fifth stage, acceptance, is a return of the principal theme, but in this sixth appearance of grief, the imperfect cadence is finally completed, thus making it perfect.


The text, which is in Faroese, was written for the piece by Faroese poet Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir (born 8th of April 1995). It is inspired by the story of the Norse goddess Freyja, who cries tears of red gold when her husband, Óer, is absent.

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