School Songs Project


    About School songs project

    School songs project was initiated by Xiaogang Ye. Vice president of the Central Conservatory of Music, in 2010, which belongs to the program of 2010 China’s international Forum on Culture. Fine Arts and Human Development help by Beijing Modern Music Festival. Beijing Modern Music Festival based on CCOM endeavors to contribute to aesthetic education and the development of western China with the help of individuals of music fields.

    The starting ceremony of the School Songs Project in 2010 has ended in a satisfactory way. The festival committee has received songs from Linyao First Experiment Primary school and Linyao Second High-School and Zhang Shuai , a young faculty of Composition Department from CCOM, and Shaosheng Lee, a student of Composition Department, have composed for the songs. In the ceremony concert of 2010 Beijing Modern Music Festival, students from Gansu Province and the music school attached to CCOM have sang the two songs together. The School songs project is being further deepen under the way at present.