Young Composers Project

2014 Beijing Modern Music Festival Barlow Endowment Chamber Music Composition Competition

Zheng Yang Winning Grand Prix



Preliminary assessment for selection of the chamber music compositions by 2014 Beijing Modern Music Festival & the Fifth Young Composer Project (YCP) came to its end in late May. Throughout this competition, the Organizing Committee received works from 23 composers of Chinese nationality from all over the world. The preliminary assessment judges included celebrated composers both at home and abroad: Stephen Jones (the U.S.), Richard Tsang (Hong Kong), Chen Weiguang (Hong Kong) and Xiaogang Ye, vice president of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM). Candidate composers whose total score ranked among the Top 10 entered the final (refer to the results previously released).



On August 1, 2013, the judges, six American composers and one Chinese composer, made final judgment at Salt Lake City, Utah, the U.S. They were Stephen Jones, Christian Asplund, James Mobberley, Stacy Garrop, Todd Coleman, Ethan Wickman and Professor Xiaogang Ye from CCOM.


Zheng Yang, a graduate of Grade 2011 from the Composition Department of CCOM (teacher: Qin Wenchen), won the first place in this competition by his 16.5 points (the highest) with his two compositions: Ka Ruola and Remoteness. He will be granted a prize of USD 10,000 by Barlow Endowment of Brigham Young University (BYU), the U.S. to compose new chamber music (duration: 10-12 minutes, played with violin, violoncello, flute, clarinet, piano and percussion instruments), which is to be debuted at Beijing Modern Music Festival 2014. In addition, the Review Committee awarded the Honorary Award to Stephen Yip (from Houston, the U.S.).


Beijing Modern Music Festival Committee expresses its heartiest congratulations to Zheng Yang and his tutor Qin Wenchen!


The results of the appraisal were also released by BYU, the U.S. at the Website: