School Songs Project

News Conference for School Songs Project held



On March 21, news conference for School Songs Project kicked off at Recital Hall of the Central Conservatory of Music. The major project-concerned people such as Party Secretary of CCOM GUO Shulan, Vice President of CCOM Xiaogang YE and Secretary-General of the School Songs Project CHEN Xiaolong all attended the news release, which also attracts mainstream media like People’s Daily, China Daily, CCTV and several others.


The School Songs Project was first initiated by Beijing Modern Music Festival in 2010. The first 50 school songs and a selected album We live with the Sun has been published and aroused great attention.


At the news briefing, GUO Shulan led the audiences’ focus to aesthetic education in China. “As a major subject, it demands prompt solution and ground-breaking concepts. Our conservatory cares about the growth which the country has made on national education, we understand the kids in the poverty-stricken areas aspiring for more music in their daily lives. We sincerely hope this project can bring them what they need and advance the local music education in western area, with the support from music professionals and earnest volunteers.”

GUO Shulan, Party Secretary of CCOM speaking at the press conference


Xiaogang YE at the conference also expressed his concern to the lack of aesthetic education in China. “For years, individual perception has long been overlooked in the teaching syllabus. This should be very pressing problem that needs our special attention. We expect to create a blue sky for kid’s imagination and perception to fly, especially for those stuck in China’s western part where education materials are desperately in need.” Dr. CHEN Xialong gave a detailed account of the project and Children Choir of CCOM performed some school songs at the briefing.

GUO Shulan and Xiaogang YE at the news conference


Conductor CHEN Bing and her Children Choir performing at the briefing