School Songs Project

The “School Songs” Project Carries Care and Love to Western China



Since 2010, Beijing Modern Music Festival Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music has been in multi-level cooperation with Yucai Library Project under the Chinese Literature Foundation on the “School Songs” Project. This year’s activities were launched in Alxa League of Inner Mongolia, and Fuxin Mongolia Autonomous County of Liaoning Province in August and November respectively.



Professor Xiaogang Ye pointed out that the contents of school songs should deliver local cultural backgrounds and features for culture promotion and vision enhancement, apart from descriptions of school life. With Professor Xiaogang Ye’s efforts, so far the “School Songs” Project has donated school song publications worthy of over RMB 200,000 to schools in Xiahe County, Linxia City, and Hezheng County in Gansu Province, Alxa League in Inner Mongolia, and Zunyi in Guizhou Province.



List of target schools in the “School Songs” Project of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2012 (details omitted)