On Karol Szymanowski and Polish Music



On October 16, 2011, the Ministry of Culture of Poland initiated to launch a series of activities in memory of Polish composer Karol Szymanowski and authorized the Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) Committee, Central Conservatory of Music to hold an academic seminar in Beijing. Karol Szymanowski was one of the three greatest composers in Poland’s history (other two are Chopin and Witold Lutoslawski). The Polish Government hoped that international music circles would re-discover and re-understand the value, historical status and contributions of Szymanowski’s music through these activities.


BMMF received dozens of academic papers from Polish theorists and Chinese scholars during the seminar, eight of which were selected, edited and published in a bid to deepen the comprehension and understanding of Szymanowski’s and Polish musical works in the Chinese music circles and promote theoretical research on Szymanowski’s works to a new height.