A Review of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2011



 Have the Future in View and Pursue Excellency – Beijing Modern Music Festival 2011




Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) 2011 will be held in Beijing from May 21 to May 27. It was a grand national-level art music event supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture and presented by Central Conservatory of Music. After nine years of development, BMMF has matured and grown into a large-scale modern music event and cultural event with great influence in China amidst constant explorations and has gradually become one of the most high-profile modern music festivals in the world.


BMMF 2011 will continue its concept of spreading spirit of modern music. On the initiative of President and Professor Wang Cizhao and Artistic Director Xiaogang Ye, BMMF 2011 continued to keep its academic and forward-looking natures, closely link art and social progress, gradually target at the general public and spread the spirit of modern music in a more acceptable way.


Guided by the new concept of pioneering and innovation, BMMF 2011 will include Fine Works Concert,Tibetan Project, “School Songs” Project, Young Composer Project (YCP), Young Chin, Master Classes and Lectures, China’s International Forum on Culture, Fine Arts & Human Development to be held for several times in a good order.


World-famous composers have been also invited to make up YCP jury committee at the BMMF 2011.


News conference of Beijing Modern Music Festival


Cultural counselor Maciej of the Polish Embassy delivered a speech