A Review of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2010




Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) 2010 sponsored by Central Conservatory of Music will open on May 22. On the afternoon of April 27, the sponsor’s representatives held a press conference in Beijing to introduce its main programs and highlights.


“School Songs”Project supported art education

According to the sponsor, BMMF 2010 will launch 22 wonderful performances, including four symphony concerts, 18 chamber music concerts and one multi-media experimental theatre performance. Moreover, BMMF will also organize the China’s International Forum on Culture, Fine Arts & Human Development to invite famous experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in China to discuss the development of aesthetic education in China. As an important activity of aesthetic education, the “School Songs” Project would support art education in poverty-stricken areas by providingpublications of school songs for students in those areas.


Tour lectures for young students

BMMF 2010 will last from May 22 to May 28. BMMFCommittee will arrange Xiaogang Ye, YongyanHuand other artists to give tour lecturers at universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China to most directly target at young students and realize BMMF’s important function of guiding and cultivating audiences.

By Huang Ling