A Review of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2008



 Inherit the Tradition and Make Innovation


An Overview of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2008


The 5th Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) 2008 which lasted for six days from May 25 to 30, 2008 was closed. Compared with BMMF 2007, the present Festival had fewer programs, butactively explored inheritance of tradition and innovation.


BMMF 2008 featured numerous special modern music concerts, including BMMF Welcome Concert – “Seattle Sound” Modern Works Concert, Luisa Sello Modern Flute Works Concert, Vienna Modern Jigsaw Ensemble Concert, the 10th Oriental Century – Sino-Korea Composers’ Works Concert, Andrew Zohn Modern Guitar Work Concert andBMMF Closing Concert – Modern SymphonicWorks Concert. The Taoism Concert of Wang Village in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province was the only traditional concert at BMMF 2008. In terms of innovation, cappella oratorio The Peach Blossom Fanat the opening concert was characterized by novel form and diversified chorus. The new concept experimental Kun opera Hide:Escape featured a grand atmosphere and profound connotation.


Source: People’s Music, by Wang Shengfu and Wang Yongzhen




Live performance by students from music colleges in China and relevant comments at BMMF 2008



Closing Concert of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2008