A Review of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2007



 An Overview of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2007

Author: Ding Xudong and Yang Guoli


On June 3, 2007, the grand masterpiece of Wagner opera Tristan and Isolde put a successful end to the nine-day 5th Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) 2007. BMMF 2007 set historical record in number of activities, scale, level and number of participants. Dozens of performance groups from America, Germany, Japan as well as Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Fujian and Yunnan in China held 35 wonderful concerts. A dozen of world-famous scholars and experts including famous Mathias Osterwold, Art Director of Berlin March Music Festival, American Professor Severine Neff, Shinichiro Oga from Japan and Changjiang Scholar - Professor Chen Yi at Central Conservatory of Music gave special lecturers on modern cutting-edge academic issues such as modern music, Schoenberg’s philosophy of music and creation of modern chamber music in Europe. Famous cultural scholars Yu Qiuyu, Professor Tang Yijie at Peking University and famous writer and musician Liu Sola delivered speeches and reports on issues of social focus such as traditional Chinese culture, cultural creative industry, art and life and environmental resource, etc. Many scholars including Professor Wang Cizhao, Professor Yang Liqing, presidents of main conservatories of music in China, directors of Chinese music research institutes, as well as deans and professors of composition and musicology, participated in the appraisal of Special Schoenberg Academic Paper Competition, appraisal of National Orchestration Competition for Art Colleges as well as special seminars on Traditional Music and Future Society, such as National Orchestration Teaching Seminar, Schoenberg Seminar, Tradition in Future. In addition, the launch ceremony of the New Wave Music Album of Modern Chinese Music and disc and book of Composers graduated in 1977, as well as Yang Zhiqiang Photography Exhibition and Fang Lijun Painting Exhibition were also held. The achievements of BMMF 2007 were mainly embodied by various concerts and academic seminars.

Academic Journal, 07/4