A Review of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2006




Feel True Essence of Modern Music


TheThird Beijing Modern Music Festival


Text and photo by journalist Shang Dao


The third Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) presented by Central Conservatory of Music was successfully held during May 26-31, 2006. World-famous modern musicians were invited to perform contemporary works by internationally known composers at the BMMF 2006 which also featured a series of performances of original folk music, Music under 25 Concert for composers below 25 years old and Percussion Marathon Concert.


“Original music is a kind existing in the society that we do not know very well and are not familiar with, which is crucial to our music creation, performance and life. Take it for instance, the Sihu (a four-stringed bowed instrument)music from Inner Mongolia; theHuangmei operafrom Anhui for which afamous artist Ma Lanwell integrated the new and the old,the traditional and the modern in this time’s performance; the Cantonese music Variations fromthe South of the Five Ridges presented by Guangdong Song& Dance Theater based on modern orchestration. And the Gamelan music from Bali of Indonesia is original music from overseas. The concept of introducing original music represents an attempt to expand music varieties of BMMF in an all-round way,” said famous composer Xiaogang Ye.


Performance of master-level contemporary music works represents an important element of BMMF. The works by Boulez, Ligeti, Ades, etc. have been premiered at the BMMFthis year, as well asworks of Chinese contemporary composers whichdemonstrated the overall strength of these composers. The Music under 25 initiated by famous composer Xiaogang Ye attracted wide attention. The one-week BMMF offered nearly 10 concerts of modern music works,many of which were their premieres in China.


For academic speeches, in addition to those on music, famous scholar Yu Qiuyu also delivered a speech entitled Modern Overview of Traditional Art, stirring up another climax.


BMMF is aimed to vigorously develop culture of modern Chinese music, boom modern music creation in China and present wonderful modern music works based on international standards to facilitate international music and cultural exchanges, promote multi-diversified, multi-leveled and multi-dimensional international music exchange, and care for and support young musicians. BMMF will endeavor to build a good platform for international music dialogues, promote international learning and exchange and jointly play an important role in facilitating music and artistic creation, teaching practice, theory and popularization.


Source: Tai Sheng 2006/7