A Review of Beijing Modern Music Festival 2005




Beijing Connects the World and Starts a “Troika”


Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) 2005 was an international music event at which the “troika” was started. The first horse of the troika was a set of concerts, with a focus on performance of Chinese and foreign modern music works supplemented by special introduction to and performance of folk and traditional music. The second horse was composition teaching series reports and visits of international masters, and the third one was the National Harmonic Theory and Teaching Seminar, which fostered a stronger academic atmosphere for the BMMF 2005.


Let modern music break away from expressionism and get close to life

BMMF 2005 was opened by the “American Work Concert” by China Youth Symphony Orchestra of Central Conservatory of Music. The 2005 Avant-garde Concert held on the same day highlighted new works by young composers including Huang Ruo (American), Zou Hang (Chinese) and Lucas Feigin (French) and students such as Wang Tao (Chinese). The Contemporary Work Premiere Concert was presented by New Music Orchestra of Central Conservatory of Music and Liu Sola and her friends. The American Milwaukee New Music Orchestra Concert showed works reflecting the artistic pursuit and spiritual outlook of contemporary American composers. The Special British Work Concerthelped musiciansin Chinese Mainland learn more about British music, which was conducted by former alumnus Shao En who led Macao Symphony Orchestra to Beijing.

The Sino-Korea Dialogue–Contemporary Works Concert demonstrated creation achievements of contemporary composers in China and Asia.


As one of important activities of the closing ceremony, the China Youth National Music Orchestra Concertpresented new works of modern national music by teachers at music colleges and conservatories in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong as well as overseas Chinese composers. Special folk and traditional music concerts and lecturers such as the China Inner Mongolia BajunMorinhuur Ensemble Concert, Korea Aura Kayagum Orchestra Concert and Vietnam Special Classical and Folk Music Concert expressed Asian musicians’ beautiful aspiration for carrying forward their national tradition. Opposite to the folk and traditional music, there were also New Electronic Music Work Concert, American Pianist Theresa Micron Solo Concert and Northern European Jazz Concert. Zhou Long combined piano solo with percussion of Beijing Opera, which represented a new music concept and attempt.


Vietnamese folk music concert


Wide concepts and diversified forms of Chinese art songs

The China Contemporary Art Song Concert performed art songs in early times including How Could I Not Miss Her (1925, composition by Zhao Yuanren and lyric by Liu Bannong), art songs reflecting patriotism and hope for resistance against Japan such as On the Jialing River (1939, composition by He Luting and lyric by DuanmuHongliang) as well as a large number of excellent art songs created after the founding of New China such as Sending-off Devil Plague(composition by Jiefu and lyric by Mao Zedong) and Azalea (composition by Fu Gengchen and lyric by Lu Guozhu), demonstrating art song creations of different contents, forms and styles over the past eight decades. The art song Look for Afterlifecreated by MijiuDanzeng, a freshman of Tibet Class of Central Conservatory of Music was a very exciting new work.


Gear composition teaching to the world

The lecturer opening ceremony of World-famous Master Class was presided over by professor Xiaogang Yeat Central Conservatory of Music. Afterwards, Dean of Composition Department at Eastman School of Music and otherAmerican composers, German composer Armin Koller, Chinese composer Yu Jingjun who resides in Austria and other domestic Chinese composers and compositionexperts at conservatories of music jointed gave lectures and Master Classes. The special lecturers by masters also involved some topics related to musicology such as “Adaption Right and Interest of Composers in Early 21st Century”, “American Music – Mirror of Soul