The Chinese Musicians’Association National Forum on Musical Creation



Xiaogang YE and other musicians discuss musical creativity: “Find roots in the life of the people, reflect the aspirations of the masses.”


         In conjunction with the CCP Central Committee’s deliberations of September 11,2015,the Chinese Musicians’ Association held its National Forum on Musical Creation. Xu Peidong, Zhang Qianyi, Lei Lei, MengWeidong, and other well-known musicians conducted a joint investigation into classic Chinese musical works of the past century that have demonstrated they possess broad appeal.




        “Musical creation requires a deep understanding of the humanities and a profound exploration of human feelings. Only then can artists put down their roots in the thoughts of the common people and reflect our shared aspirations,” said Xiaogang YE, Chairman of the Musician’s Association. YE also pointed out that many of the works written by Chinese composers in Western forms have not necessarily been well received by Chinese audiences. He holds that it is the responsibility of Chinese composers to continue to develop the quality of Chinese instrumental music. “Classic musical works all bear the attributes of their own epoch and cultural environment, and their creators were deeply sensitive to this. Only works that utilize elements of Chinese culture and embody the shared aspirations of the people can be successful,” he continued.



         During the conference, Fu Gengchen drew on his near 70-year career,talking about his own experiences as a creator. He contends thatmodern compositional techniques and a modern musical language must take on Chinese characteristics in order to
be relevant, while Chinese composers’ approach to musical form must become ever more exacting. At the same time, he believes that works of musical art must simultaneously appeal to both specialized and lay audiences.



         Xu Peidong echoed these sentiments, saying “In regards to musical technique, many composers in our country have abundant experience and profound theoretical understanding, however on a deeper level, how to go about writing music that remains close to
the life of the nation is an issue that has yet to be resolved.’’ Xu advised that artists should be willing to collect material in the field, maintaining an active relationship with society so that they might be in touch with the pulse of our time.