The Display of Cultural Difference and Integration in Modern Music

Two Sketches on Concerts of 2014 Beijing Modern Music Festival



Half time of 2014 Beijing Modern Music Festival has passed away. As usual, the festival presented to music lovers lots of concerts in multiple and diverse styles. One of the big highlights was to use music language to present to audience different musical elements of different countries and different times.


The concert of "Pacific Mirrors — New Music from Asia and the United States" presented at CCOM Concert Hall in the evening of May 18 featured works of composers from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA, showing to audience the different cultural elements and the influence resulted by the cultural elements in modern music creation.


By way of putting together the different cultural elements, cultural traditions, and music works resulted from the different cultural influences in one concert, the concert made contrast of the difference cultures and formed a strong cultural shock to audience. In addition to this concert, another concert also shows existence of cultural differences in musical elements. This is the concert of “What A Wonderful World”, a Concert by Mixed Choir of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory.