The Development Project for Minority Music Culture

2010 BMMF provides special column of Tibet: The Beautiful Himalayan



Beijing Modern Music Festival presented a special concert on Tibet theme in 2009. After that, the promotion idea and the practical method of Tibetan music draw extensive attention and interest from the cultural , music and critic fields both inside the nation and overseas. Depend on this circumstance, the BMMF organization committee is going to present another special column named The Beautiful Himalaya in 2010. Symphony, chamber music or vocal music on Tibet theme will be performed by the overseas music delegation or give performance in other concerts during the 2010 BMMF.

Beautiful Tibet is the part of China's sacred territory since the ancient time, the brave and industrious Tibet people is one of the big Chinese family. The long religious tradition, the magnificent scenes, the marvelous snowy plateau, the distinct national music, the bright and colorful ethnic costume are the best inspirations for composers. Beijing Modern Music Festival Committee welcome composers and scholars all over the world to focus on this subject with any genre and will consider to arrange performance for the related works.

Live Pictures from 2010 Beijing Modern Music Festival: Tibet Subject Series