The Seminar: Being a Process of Creation

Author: Liu Sola



Since 1980s, China has been under the process of modernization while its culture and economy have been gradually integrating into the world. Moreover, major historical events happened in the last hundred years has made today’s China a country with diversified culture. For a nation with complicated culture and long history like China, any individual cultural phenomenon or judgment cannot represent explain or represent it. For the same reason, China and the world are apt to misunderstand each other.


During the transition period of modernization, it is necessary to discuss on various new cultural phenomena occurring in both China and the world, rather than fully accept or reject them.


Beijing Modern Music Festival of Central Conservatory of Music has survived from the initial hardships since 2002 and has developed as one of the quality international music festivals. China’s International Forum on Culture, Fine Arts & Human Development, as an important part of the Festival, has been held since 2010, aiming for exploring new issues on current music education among experts from home and abroad. This year, Intermedia Forum I under the Forum will focus on Chinese “new music”, not “modern music”, to extend the exploration, hoping to read recent musical developments and events with a broader vision rather than see them as part of the contemporary music.


The Intermedia Forum I will for the first time gather globally renowned composers, famous artists, experts and scholars at home and abroad together for a wide discussion. We hope this forum could be a crossover opportunity for promoting discussion and exchanges on music and art, and for revealing the new concepts we did not see before.