New Music of China Cross Boundary Forum II

-- A platform for discussion on status and future of Chinese new music




Author: Jin Ping   November 8, 2011


As an important part of China’s International Forum on Culture, Fine Arts & Human Development during Beijing Modern Music Festival, New Music of China Cross Boundary Forum II will function as a platform for high-level academic discussion and opinion exchanges. Invited guest speakers include Steven Stucky, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer, Giya Kancheli, a Georgian composer, Shin-ichiro Ikebe, the Professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Chen Yi, a Chinese American composer and member of Changjiang Scholars Program, Xiaogang Ye, Qu Xiaosong, and Guo Wenjing. They will get together to explore the challenges of contemporary music composition and production.


Professor Stucky from Cornell University is one of the few in the United States who attains achievements in both composition and music theory. He will share his focuses on composition such as the relationship with tradition, harmony, techniques, forms of expression, timbre and character, and bring up some frequently encountered problems into discussion such as how to manage time in small works and how to take small works as technical practice. In speech My Composition Process, Professor Chen Yi will introduce the method she has applied to combining the musical image with corresponding techniques, and the conception process of commissioned works to balance the emphasis of different works. She will also share thoughts on how to balance the time for composition, teaching and other assignments.


Georgian composer Kancheli will point out in his speech The Way to Measure Values that people with talents, cultural deposits, modesty and virtues are the ones most possibly obtain achievements in composition.


The famous composer Qu Xiaosong will elaborate on the topic The Illusory Mainstream, analyzing the current status of professional music education at a macro level, and exploring some tough questions such as the relationships of tradition and modernity, tonality and atonality, the whole and its details, China and Western countries, art and business, individuals and society.