Master Class of Steven Stucky Inspires Students



At 9:00 on May 25th, the famous American composer Steven Stucky held his personal Master Class at the Central Conservatory of Music, in which students were eager to participate. DAI Bo, a first year postgraduate of the Central Conservatory of Music, played his chamber work Before The Rain, which was created through his ideas about this film indicating the conflicts between religion and race, and constructing a very delicate and conflicting music image. Steven Stucky spoke highly of his work, as he felt that DAI Bo had done well in interleaving fusion both in structure and instruments. The breathing between his musical statements was also excellent, and Steven Stucky congratulated the young composer. The second work presented was from a student of China Conservatory of Music, whose chamber work was slightly astringent, so Professor Stucky suggested that she should compose the work in a more natural manner, without limitations of thinking. The third work was about a Woodwind Quintet, for which Mr. pointed out the orchestration as a result of the absence of Stereo equipment. He had also discussed about the creation motives with the composer.


The Master Class has inspired students, and also solved the problems of Composition. Professor Stucky finished his Master Class amidst applauses of students.