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2012 The Young Composers Project



【Beijing Modern Music Festival】
The Young Composers Project

2012 YCP Organization Committee
Director:  Xiaogang YE
Deputy director:CHEN Danbu
Secretary General: CHEN Xiaolong

  I. The Concept of the Young Composers Project (YCP)
  Young Composers Project (hereinafter referred to as YCP) is a totally new project issued by Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF) in 2010. The project focuses on integrating comprehensive resource of the music festival, providing necessary financial support to the young talents, as well as developing a broader audience market through holding concerts and publishing scores and other musical books. BMMF will give vigorously supports and encouragements to the development of young composers, and help them to enter the vision scope of international musical field, as well as providing them with a sustainable development platform to show their talents. 

  II. The Aim of the Establishment of YCP
  Beijing Modern Music Festival, since its establishment in 2002, has been dedicating to promoting contemporary music, cultivating young composers, performing a great number of modern compositions by young composers in the previous festivals. BMMF benefits from the teaching resources of the Central Conservatory of Music, the top professional music academy in China, adopts an international vision to face the world. With the pioneer spirit and inclusive attitude, BMMF has become one of the most important festivals in domestic and international professional music fields.
  Limited by the objective conditions and other elements, many talented young composers are lack of chances to appear on the international music fields. Many outstanding works are unable to let others know, let alone exerting deserved influences. Therefore, BMMF specially set up the "Young Composers Project" (YCP) from 2010 on with the purpose to help more talented young composers broaden their career road; and at the same time, exert a powerful influence to the young composers of the generation, so as to create a good beginning for the young composers’ professional training and establish a steadfast base for a long-term development of professional music composition.

  III. Supporting Issues of YCP
1. To record and release CDs for the annual winners;
2. To publish a score collection fo the annual winners;
3. To hold a special concert for winners’ works during the annually Beijing Modern Music Festival;
4. To set up master classes by outstanding composers at home and abroad during Beijing Modern Music Festival;
5. To recommend the winners to the main music festivals around the world;
6. 2012's YCP will be a component of the Central Conservatory of Music's Chamber Music Promotion Project, which belongs to the 211 Project. It aims at prospering the contemporary music compositions. The project appeared as one of the significant academic projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education and presented by Central Conservatory of Music. 

  IV. Qualifications
The competition is open to young musicians of all nations born after the 1st of   September 1977 (age limit is 35 years old). 

  V. Requirements for Entries
1. Without limitation of content and theme for the entries.
2.  The entries must be created after 2007. Compositions may not have been performed in public or awarded a prize in another competition.
3. Every entry must be originally created by the participant independently and adaptations of the works can’t participate in this competition.
4.  Compositions must be made for chamber music with the orchestration no more than 10 instruments.
  The instruments suggested are as follows: Western Instruments include Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Harp, Piano, Percussions,
  Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass; Chinese Traditional Instruments include Bamboo Flute, Sheng, Pipa, Zhong Ruan, Zheng, and Erhu.
5.  The duration of the entry should be no more than 10 minutes (Participants need to indicate the duration of the work in the score).
6.  Participants must provide real personal information, and entries must meet the requirements of these regulations, or disqualified.
7.  Entries and materials submitted for the competition are not returnalbe, and entries will be archived by the organizers.

  VI. Judging Rules and Awards
1. There will be 7 winners in 2012 Young Composers Project.
2. There will be 3 or 4 judges for 2012 Young Composers Project. And the contestant who gets each judge’s highest marks will be one of the winners.
3. For the rest contestants who haven’t got the highest marks of each judges, their marks will be calculate according to the average marks of judges.
4. All final contestants will be invited to attend the “2012 Beijing Modern Music Festival” in May 19 to May 25, 2012.
5. Beijing Modern Music Festival will provide each final winner with train tickets,
 or round-trip air tickets (for air tickets, we cover half of the fare), and RMB10, 000 (taxes included)
6. Win