Call for Score

2011 BMMF Young Composers Project selected list



Number Works Composers Score
17 Separation in pain Chen Yao 27
45 The Vox of Swallow and Nightingale Amao Wang 25
20 Haute Tension Alin Gherman 23
10 Tynexia Ted Goldman 21
24 Wooden Horse Ehud Freedman 21
44 Destiny of Sputnik Yuanyuan He 18
13 Falling Through Infinity Nicholas Omiccioli 16


15 works have been selected and sequenced by score :first award scores 15 points; second award scores 14 points...the fifteenth scores 1 point.

Due to Maestro Giya Kancheli's some special reasons, he can't participate in judging of the submitted works in time. So we finally decided to cacaulate the results according to the scores from three judges, CHEN Yi, Steven Stucky, and Shin-ichiro Ikebe.